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Spain 2014 nails

Hello darlings :)

Because today is the last day of 2014 World  Basketball cup in Spain I decided to show my cheering nails.  I've made this nails a few days ago, when our basketball team was playing against USA in quarter finals. But unfortunately we lost, even though  I made the best cheering nails ever. The first photo is me holding Lipko, the mascot from last year's European championship in basketball that we hosted.

You can see that I draw Slovenian flag on the thumb, with the state coat-of-arms in the left corner. The forefinger, the middle finger and the ring finger were in white, blue and red, just as colours go on our flag. And lastly I painted pinkie orange and draw some black lines, so it represented basketball.

 First I put on base coat and after that on my thumb, forefinger an middle finger two coats of white nail polish, one coat of red on the ring finger and one coat of orange on the pinkie. After that I put one coat of blue polish over white base on the middle finger. Whit a thin brush I draw black lines on my pinkie and with same brush I outlined the coat-of-arms and draw the pattern with blue. With some tape I made the flag and at the end I put 3 little yellow dots on the coat-of-arms, with a bobby pin. I finished with a top coat.

Do you think I captured the flag well? Hope you like my post :)


For this manicure I used following nail polishes:
  • OPI - Natural nail base coat,
  • white: MUA - All nude £1 nail polish
  • blue: KIKO - Nail lacquer in 266
  • red: Essence - Colour and go in fame fatal (61)
  • orange: Bourjois - 150 years of colour in 1950
  • black: Two way - Nail polish in 47
  • yellow: Bourjois - 1 second nail polish in sunny Sunday (21)
  • Essence - Quick dry topcoat 

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