sreda, 12. november 2014

Friend's nails #1

Hello darlings :)

Because my nails needed some rest, I am exploiting my friends this week and borrowing their nails for my blog :)

First is Kat. Her nails are so long and it was a pleasure using them. She wanted red nails and I suggested a little twist, so we made ombre red nails.

As base I used red nail polish (one coat of 45P and over one coat of Fame fatal - you can find all polishes at the end of this post) and applied black and red, on middle and ring finger, using sponge technique.

The final result reminds me on vampire nails. I like it and most importantly: Kat likes it :)

I will hopefully have one more friend's nails modeling for me this week, so fingers crossed :)


I used following nail polishes
  • base: OPI - Natural nail base coat
  • red #1: Manhattan - Lotus effect 45P
  • red #2: Essence - Fame fatal
  • black: Two way - Nail polish in 47
  • top: Catrice -  Quick Dry & High Shine Top Coat


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